The Tajalli Vortex

The Tajalli Vortex was conceived in early 2005 when the Glynn Heppenstall (ClockDVA / The Anti Group) and Jonny Drury (performing as the duo Sunshine Panic, named by Genesis P-Orridge) invited Matt “The Inventor” Harling for a saxophone blast over their sturdy Sheffield electronics. When Dan (Cathy Ray) brought his monstrously playful bass and Bel mopped up with her incredibly confident punkadelic voice the TV sound was born. Drawing on their own roots in the famous 1980’s Sheffield alternative music scene, the continuing collaborations with the local Daddies of improv at Discus Records, and soaking up the floods of visitors from the current noise wave (with Drury’s own Freenoise Promotions), TTV play an energised mix of thought provoking atmospherics, cooky free-improv and high pressure proto-noise-jazz. Instrumentation include self-made percussion and drums (since Drury’s move away from electronics), guitars, synth fx, bass, vocals, saxes and the bizarre and enormous self-made ‘tajallifone’. The TTV sound can be contemplative yet exhilarating and they are keen to react to, and make the best of the environment. They will be joined for this gig by Graham Clark, Martin Archer and Charlie Collins to create a mighty Octopus of free noise!