Medicine and Duty: Clouds Burn Slowly [Foolproof Projects]

Clash, Faust, no-wave and tribalistic from the outset, a hint of London’s anarchic 80’s..chanted distorted vocals…in French? The drumming (esp on on track 4 ‘Full Automation Now Achieved’) is a bit too spacious at times like not enough people joining in the drum jam at a hippy festival but the addition of terrifying punctuative electronics (guitar?) makes it seem like a piece of artistic statement. The album builds gradually in intensity and power and by track 6 ‘El Dragoon’ feels as if they’ve loosened up and so do I. ‘No, we have’ is a slightly mellow experimental interlude, there’s a maturity and confidence here which is difficult to put my finger on which, added with the overall yummy-weird, ragtaggle vibe means I will definitly be putting it on in ‘the other room’ (the family living room, which is the real acid test). Belief in themselves these guys definitly have and the excellent ‘The Terrible Truth (Lock the Tank)’s slow-build from crazy, slow stoccato narrative to insane howling punk head-driller proves it. Moving on for a relatively melodic break in the image of a kid’s thrown away broken music box whirring away under a heap of rubbish in ‘Halfway to Opals’ we are then kicked to extreme wall of noise land with the hyper speed and distortion advice of ‘Sandblast Your Past’ before a welcome return to the healthy atonal punk in ‘Face Violence’. Right, the missis is back, let’s turn it up from the start and see what happens.