Charlie Collins

Charlie Collins – vibraphone, waterphone, lamellaphones (mbira, kalimba, karimba, marimbula), darabuka, metal percussion, flute.

Background in performance/improvisation and poetry/jazz led to involvement in the nascent 1970’s industrial scene. Founder member of ClockDVA and The Box, recording for cult labels Industrial, Fetish and Doublevision. Through the 1980’s played with Derek Bailey, Mick Beck’s Feetpackets and The Modum Quartet and since 1992 also a member of industrial percussion group Left Hand Right Hand. Has received a number of bursaries for composition, live performance and research and been a visiting lecturer in improvisation at Nottingham Trent University. His record production skills at The Sound Kitchen led to being house producer for Discus Records. He continues to perform live with poets Geraldine Monk and Alan Halsey and has recently toured the live soundtrack to Teinosuke Kinugasa’s “Page of Madness”. His long term working relationship with John Jasnoch continues with The Navigators (with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez), The Para-Music Ensemble and The Balkh Trio (live interpretations of poet Jalaluddin Rumi with vocalist Pete White). He remains one of the handful of musicians to have played both Company Week and Top of the Pops (with Moloko).