Brothers Yemen: Xonfononconconcon

Excellent title! Nicely wrapped in some weird industrial perforated coloured card with a sticker ‘I was very good when I had my hearing test’. I traded this for a Fusion CD-r with them at a recent gig at the Cricketers and glad I did. It was a weird gig, very meditative and relaxing. Candlelit, laddy on lappy, dude on the floor machines and lassie on treated electric violin and things. I reclined on a pile of wires and fat red-hot pipes and drifted away… Mmmm why can’t all music be this good? First track on the CD-r is 18 mins of heady and sweet Buddhist temple breeze – not under or overstated at all, just right, plenty of atmosphere and abstract sounds too. Second ultra deep drone is 5 mins finishing with some laughing echoing out (bit stoned?). Third is a mix of the two for a bit then (slightly wavering) wailing female voice gives it a spooky edge and the intensity starts to increase. I wonder what they’re using to get these sounds as it sounds possibly like a single live take. Haha.. the cheering crowd have been left in at the end so thats that answered. Yeah, nice one.