Blood and Bone Orchestra. Live 17 Jan 2005 (CD – Carbon Records CR114)

Although now a couple of years old I wanted to mention this here for a couple of reasons. First is that it comes bolted to a piece of wood. Brilliantly novel, a nice shiny wingnut holding the CD to a genuine piece of old American pinewood, this piece of wood is from America, yeah I can smell the spirit of the land of the free, it’s true! The package from Joe included some CD releases including a Lasse Marhaug, a 7″ split vinyl with Cock ESP and Ovo, and a bright yellow Carbon tee-shirt. Hooyaa! But the thing that excites me most is the piece of wood. I love America, don’t you? I’ve never been but I’m sure I will one day, I actually dream about it. Weird. Anyways, sticking this disc in the drawer to my complete and utter bewilderment I find I could be easily listening to our own group The Tajalli Vortex! Sporadic noise from tenor sax, bass, drums and electronics, even in a similar style to the stuff I’ve just been mixing this very morning. Hey this little beauty is live and the crowd love it. And I got me a real piece of America!